Shikoku Electric Power Affiliated Companies

(As of January 31, 2019)

Company Name Year of Foundation Capital(millions of yen) Business line
TOSA POWER, Inc. 2003 2,755 Electricity supply business
MISAKI WIND POWER CO., Ltd. 2004 30 Wind power generation business
Okawara Windfarm Corporation 2006 10 Wind power generation business
Ei Wind Power Company, Incorporated 2006 10 Wind power generation business
★STNet, Incorporated 1984 10,000 Telecommunication services and information system services
Cable Media Shikoku Company, Incorporated 1995 2,000 Cable TV broadcasting and telecommunication businesses
Cable Television Tokushima, Incorporated 1987 499 Cable TV broadcasting and telecommunication businesses
★Yonden Engineering Company, Incorporated 1970 360 Study, designing, engineering and maintenance of electricity related facilities
★Yonden Consultants Company, Incorporated 1982 50 Study, planning and designing of civil works and construction and supervision of engineering works
★YONDENKO CORPORATION 1963 3,451 Engineering works for power supply facilities
★Yonden Energy Services Company, Incorporated 1971 50 Sales and engineering of electric water heaters and designing and engineering of air-conditioning systems
Niihama LNG Co., Ltd. 2018 10,700 The construction of LNG fuel bases; the receipt,storage, vaporization, and delivery of LNG
★Sakaide LNG Company, Incorporated 2004 450 The construction of LNG fuel bases; the receipt, storage, vaporization and delivery of LNG
★SEP International Netherlands B.V. 2011 0.2 *1 Overseas investment operation
SEP International America Corporation 2018 2.3 *2 Overseas investment operation
Tachibana Thermal Power Port Service Company, Limited 1998 50 Harbor unloading of coals imported from overseas to use at Tachibana-wan Coal-Fired Power Station
YN Energy Pty Ltd 2016 1.2 *3 Coal procurement, sales and trading business in Australia
S4 Chile SpA 2016 37.7 *2 Investment and financing for overseas project
★SHIKOKU INSTRUMENTATION CO., LTD. 1951 480 Designing, manufacture, engineering and sales of automatic gauging control, information transmission system, etc.
SHIHEN TECHNICAL CORPORATION 1946 318 Manufacture and sales of transformer and other electric equipment
Techno-Success Company, Incorporated 1990 50 Manufacture and sales of transmission and distribution equipment
Abe Iron Works Ltd. 1979 20 Designing, manufacture, and sales of industrial machinery
★Yonden Business Company, Incorporated 1961 300 Real estate business including buildings management and maintenance, planning and production of advertisements and office related services
SHIKOKU AIR SERVICE CO., LTD. 1956 60 General aviation using aircraft and helicopter and tourist agency
Ikata Service Company, Incorporated 1995 20 Local community development and operational management services of Ikata Power Station
Yonden Media Works Company, Incorporated 2001 20 Video production and other related services
Yonden Life Care Company, Incorporated 2002 40 Operation of charged nursing facilities for the aged
Aguribon Co., Ltd. 2018 50 Production, treatment, and sales of agricultural products
Utazu Kyushoku Service Co., Ltd. 2006 20 General maintenance, servicing and management of school catering facility
Tokushimaichiko PFI service Co.,Ltd. 2007 50 Facilities and maintenance of Tokushima Municipal High School
Matsuyamagakkokucho PFI service Co.,Ltd. 2016 30 Development and maintenance of air-conditioning facilities of Matsuyama Municipal elementary and junior high school
★Shikoku Research Institute Incorporated 1987 100 Study, research and development on technologies related to electric utility business and other industrial technologies

★covered by consolidated financial statements (YONDENKO CORPORATION is accounted for by equity method.)

  • 1 in millions of EUR
  • 2 in millions of Australian Dollar
  • 3 in millions of US Dollar