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Warnings Regarding Use

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  • Changes to, deletions of, and so on regarding the information posted on this website are in principle made without prior notice. In addition, the Company may suspend or discontinue access to this website in unavoidable circumstances.
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Links to This Website

  • Links to this website are in principle to be made to the homepage (https://www.yonden.co.jp/). Links to pages other than the homepage are not restricted, but the Company is under no obligation to provide notice when such pages are modified or deleted.
  • Please do not create any false impressions or give rise to misunderstandings such as making it unclear this website is the Company’s website or that there is any cooperative relationship with the Company.
  • When a link to this website is created, in the case of any conduct that infringes on the rights of the Company or third parties, conduct that harms the reputation or honor of the Company or third parties, conduct that is contrary to public morals, or other conduct that the Company determines to be inappropriate, the Company will demand immediate discontinuation of the link to this website.
  • In cases where the Company determines that the method of creating links is inappropriate, the Company may provide notice requesting correction or deletion of the link. In this case, please comply promptly.

Examples of Improper Link Creation

  • × A link where the Company’s website opens in a frame within the source link website
  • × A link where it is not clearly stated at the site of the link that it is a link to the Company’s website

Handling of Access Logs

The Company records information relating to customers who access this website in a format known as an access log. Access logs contain information such as the IP address, host name, browser, date and time, and so on concerning customers who access the website, but do not contain any information that can identify individual customers.
Access log data is used for maintenance and management of this website and statistical analysis of access trends in order to enhance the convenience of this website and is not used for any other purposes.

Use of Cookies, etc.

In some instances, the Company uses technologies such as JavaScript, cookies, and web beacons in order to analyze the status of use of this website.
Customers can disable these functions, but in this case, the website may not function or display properly.
Cookie information does not allow for the identification of individual customers.

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Handling of Personal Information

The Company, cognizant of the importance of appropriately and properly handling the personal information of customers, shareholders, and others, strives to protect personal information pursuant to its Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information.
Personal information registered by customers when using this website is also properly and appropriatelyc handled as set forth in the section entitled Handling of Personal Information.